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Samsung Galaxy S3

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Friday, 04. May 2012

Findng The Best Samsung Galaxy S3 Deals

By Galaxy-S3, 11:21
Why is it even a surprise that people are already fishing for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals? Samsungs Galaxy S2s release was absolutely successful it was a huge phenomenon. S2 is, perhaps, one of the best units to grace the smartphone arena. Its superb features and sleek appearance won the hearts of consumers and critics. In the competitive tech world where it is difficult to get high ratings for a product, Samsungs Galaxy S2 always manages to get four to five stars (usually five). It is one of the most expensive smartphones in the market but stocks fly off the shelves really fast.  People have been really impressed by the slim phones powerful performance. The AMOLED screen makes everything looks so lively and vivid, as if its going to jump out of the screen. Users of the S2 are utterly impressed by its processor, which makes going through apps so much easier. The camera can hurdle low light settings. Social networking in S2 is one of the best experiences among all Android phones. People are already fishing for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals because they expect S2s successor to make more noise in the tech industry.

Consumers sniffing around for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals still dont have a concrete idea of what S2s successor would be like. All they hear are rumors and speculations about its features but as of now, Samsung is not finalizing any details to the public but so many people who are searching for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are so excited because theyre very confident that the curve design will finally be executed. The bendy design makes future S3 more ergonomic, since its supposedly friendlier to the palms shape. Parties interested in Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are still expecting for an AMOLED screen but this time, theyve raised the bar higher for Samsung because theyre looking forward to a 3D feature. Expectant users of the S3 say that it will most probably boast a bigger screen size. This is where Samsung fans are torn. Some of them dont mind the size upgrade, if it makes the smartphone experience more pleasant. However, others have second thoughts of going after Samsung Galaxy S3 deals because a bigger screen would mean that its less pocket-friendly. As for the curved glass feature, some are hopeful that this will come out but many also think that it wouldnt be a feature in S3.

Another reason behind all the hype for Samsung Galaxy S3 deals is the rumours that the upcoming phone would have a 16-megapixel resolution for its camera. S2 users are already raving about S2s 8-megapixel camera. A 16-megapixel camera phone would surely propel them all the way to heaven. Rumors on Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are also piling up because of the news that S2s predecessor will be able to take 1080P videos at 60 frames per shot. Thats more than what S2 can do and perhaps, than any other smartphone ever released.

And finally, people raving about Samsung Galaxy S3 deals are looking forward to the release of S3 because of its reportedly monstrous processor. S2 boasted of a 1.2 GHz dual core processor but rumors have it that S3s processor would be at 1.8 GHz. This figure shows that it can even be more powerful than laptops and tablets. These specs, as well as the ones mentioned above, spark so much desire for Galaxy S3 deals. But until the actual specs are actually publicized, some people will still remain doubtful. But, this is not stopping Samsung fans! So many of them are after Samsung Galaxy S3 deals by the simple reason that it is Samsung producing the future S3. That should be reason enough to believe that S2s predecessor can live up to the standards (or exceed them).